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As far as observations in adults go, the great majority "nigeria" of tuberculous lesions outside of the lungs are also due to the human type of bacillus. Cornell University tablets Medical College at Ithaca.

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Mendel, however, has reported a case in which he found chronic interstitial neuritis of the branches of the trifacial, and other cases have been reported in which the Gasserian ganglion side was diseased.


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Hepar croup, violent fits of coughing as if he would suffocate or vomit, deep distress on account of the tightness of breathing, husky, accompanied with painful soreness of the chest at every time of cough which is violent, the air rushing violently against the larynx, occasioning a pain in that part; sensation of scraping, scratching, with mucous expectoration, the cough being caused by tittilation in the throat, or by a vs scraping in the trachea, and increased unto vomiting by a deep inspiration, weakness of the organs of speech and chest, short breathing, pressure in the throat, occasioning a constrictive feeling as if he should be suffocated; urine pale, clear while being emitted, afterwards becoming turbid, thick, depositing a white sediment, or flocculent, turbid while being emitted, or dark yellow, burning during emission; great unconquerable drowsiness; profuse sweat day and night, viscid profuse night sweat, sweat before midnight, and apprehensive and inclined to weep.

Atlanta, Ga., plans were accepted for the new tuberculosis hospital, which is to be built jointly by Atlanta and Fulton County, The plans include a large administration building, with separate wards for males and females; a building of similar design for negro patients, and a number of smaller It will be some time reviews yet before the building will be begun.

Hence the origin drug of the terms mucous, fibroid, myomatous and glandular polypus.