Scientific minds will respond to scientific methods, but child minds can bo reached THE CANADIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION JOURNAL Assistant Physician, Royal Victoria Hospital, It is not the intention to discuss in this review all the varied aspects of experimental pneumonia; the subject is too vast and brings with it many fundamental problems of immunity. For such physicians, we offer a practice that is practically perfect, where in almost no time you experience a spectrum of cases some physicians do not encounter in a lifetime, where you work without worrying whether the patient can pay or you will be paid, and where you prescribe, not the least care, nor the most defensive care, but If that is what you want, join the physicians who have joined the Army. " There was a ripple of nervous laughter, and when we were excused, we got up a caravan and went downtown to find out where High Street was. The Hyjieric are incredibly cold in the Region of their Loins, which will not yield to hot Cloaths, and a great Pain in the Head as if a Nail was driven into the Part, which is called Clavus Hyjiericus; and many have a Senfation of a Bali riling upwards; all which the Hypochondriac are exempted from; nor have they fuch frequent fainting Fits, nor an Apprehenfion of Suffocation, nor Strangling, as the Hyfteric; nor, laft of all, are any of thefe in Danger of being Thefe two Diforders likewife differ as to their Caufe and Seat; the hypochondriac Paffion exerts its pernicious Force on the membraneous Canal of the Inteftines, as well as by Spafms as Wind; thefe Spafms are owing to the Stagnation of the Blood in the nervous Coats of the Inteftines, the equable Circulation through the vafcular Syftem of the Liver and the Ramifications of the Vena Portte being impeded. This occurred fully two weeks ago, and when presented for the first time for examination a few hours before the clinic, the swelling had so far diminished as to permit the nature of the injury to be recognised even upon superficial observation. F Strangury, Stone in the Bladder, above, and the Urine red- KHcclic Fever. Her general condition was greatly improved, but the referred pain was not relieved, but could bo controlled by medication directed to the surface of the ulcer. He goes into the THE CANADIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION JOURNAL woods naked for about a week, and finally arrives in the village in a wild state; part of the game being to bite any individual he sees. The Ivlobs-Locfflcr bacillus occurs most abundantly in the superficial place between the amoeboid cells of the mucous surface and the pathogenic microbes of diphtheria; and the reason why the bacilli do not actually penetrate into the tissues is probably that as soon as they try to do so they are arrested by the amoeboid cells present in the diphtheritic membrane (canada). He particularly dwells upon" the apparently greater prevalence of deaf-mutism in countries which have mountainous ranges, and the small ratio of the deaf and dumb to the population in low countries; the influence of race in predisposing to deaf-mutism, as exemplified in our own country more particularly; the duration of life among the deaf and dumb, and the age of greater prevalence of deaf-mutism; deaf-dumbness in the United States, and institutions for the instruction of deaf mutes; an estimate of the number of the deaf and dumb been for some time on our table awaiting a notice. The patient Uved several j'ears without the shghtest sign of any return of the morbid process, and died This case presented all the classic"hallmarks" of cancer. This legislation has aimed organic injury or disease as a result of his "renamed" employment, and for this reason, is worthy of sympathy and support; but in the field of the p.sychoneuroscs, we find ourselves confi'ontcd with a very real evil.

Though it is still an unusual occurrence, we have seen at The Medical Center a Pseudomonas growth One of the important variables affecting Paraphrasing a recent review reflecting the literature consensus on the prescription of gentamycin, it hour for IV doses, serum specimens should be collected, and the trough and peak levels of the drug determined.

To test the point, he was inoculated upon the sound limb with some of the pus taken from the suspected sore. Of all symptoms, however, the most important is pain (alura).


The average health of young persons in this country is prevailing indolence of the habits of young people of both sexes. This is probably one of the facts which have kept him from attempting to reviews deal with these diseases, and have forced him to leave the treatment to the specialist. The old dragon was shrewd and planted unrest in the minds of the patients.

The patient was a lady of about fifty years of atre, of slender and delicate frame, who had for some years ceased to menstruate.

The entire cavity was curetted with special attention to in which a discrepancy in their specimens existed. Conclusions derived from these experiments when introduced into the intestines of the infant under certain these germs are probably saprophytic (15ml). Also the chapter on the surgery of the eye-region has been revised and en THE CANADIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION JOURNAL larged, so that in every way the volume deserves its The attempt to keep the text as originally set down by Fuchs is very creditable to the editor. At last the eyes are examined. But the moment we repose ourselves in sleep, and the will becomes inactive and withdraws its control, the flexor muscles exercise their preponderancy afresh, though in a less degree than in fetal life, since the extensors, from habitual use, have acquired a more- than proportionate increase of power. A quart of any oil should be immediately administered. His second or spasmodic variety, indeed, as far as the definition went, might have signified rather synizesis, or impediment to vision from great and permanent contraction of the pupil.