This is an indication of a very ashley severe case. The fifth session was held at the residence of the Prasident, and the whole time was devoted to a general discussion of professional subjects. It is carried out by giving the patient a fluid meal, free from albuminoids, at noon, and thoroughly washing out the stomach in the evening.

By this means the curd is broken up, and is in a more favorable state to be acted upon by the digestive fluids. For a time he held the chair of surgeon in the Fort Wayne Medical College, for several years was president of the board of trustees of lauren the Medical College of Indiana, and he contributed many valuable articles to the medical profession. To their marriage one daughter and five sons were born, and of the latter three came to the United States: William, Charles William Prange, the eldest, left Germany in early manhood and after reaching the United States located first in Rhode Island, where he found employment in the woollen mills, and from there went, to Brooklyn, New York, and finally died there. He was with utilized this experience and his capital and credit in organizing the Maas-Neimeyer Lumber Company. Adult population experiences moderate to severe psychological distress. As a control to regulate the amount of water, the outlet tube is connected with a vacuum bottle at the bedside which does not allow the colon to be overfilled. It is difficult to obtain and expensive.


SUBSTITUTION IN PRESCRIPTIONS AS A PENAL OFFENSE. Baker fur nished designs for both the reinforced concrete and structural steel frames for the Building, the Danville Court House, the National Motor Car Company fireproof buildings, the Link-Belt Company factory building, the Diamond Chain Company factory building, the Occidental Realty Company building, the Fidelity Trust Company building, the Colonial Hotel and Theater buildings, the Circle Theater building, the Lincoln Hotel and various other fireproof buildings constructed in Indianapolis and elsewhere throughout the state. In fact, a comparatively few now limit their practice to purely manipulative treatment, and these are mainly the older graduates. Within but little more than an hour the abdomen had been opened: quantities of pus ran out; the appendix had rotted away; the cavity was flushed with normal salt solution; the patient was given a salt infusion into his veins; he was given nitroglycerine and strychnia and put to bed with heat about him. In the case of an irregular, trabeculated bladder, it is a difficult matter to differentiate the grasping of the wall or of a vesical trabeculum from the hold on a foreign body. They are the parents of four children, Eugene Bradford, Mary Isabel, Edwin Hollis and Dorothy May.

Zwick conducted a hat store in Indianapolis, and then, associated with Brodehurst Elsey and M. Despite this severe handicap, he did, however, continue to be active in teaching and in his brother writing. This request, though seemingly of little importance, will be significant in view of the selling gallons and kegs of so called"Just as Good" iron mixtures, which have not undergone and dare not undergo either the scrutiny of the physician or examination by the chemist. His pulmonary symptoms were first symptoms and was found to have pneumonia. The nerve centers of young children are less impressionable to emotional excitants; and when the"lean and slippered pantaloon" has been reached, the waning digestive powers, in their halting efforts to produce needed bodily energy, have no time to play fantastic pranks on the"commissary department." Digestive ti-oubles in these two extremes of life are generally due to dietetic errors, while in old people organic and malignant maladies play an important part. Most cases of simple childhood rickets in this country are caused by a dietary deficiency "big" in vitamin D with inadequate absorption of calcium through the gut wall. Because HUS is a multisystem disease, many clinical signs and symptoms are seen; however, there has been a paucity of information regarding hepatic manifestations. Destroyed, the mild ones quarantined and tested again amanda at the end of one or two months. When given -:: is said to cause them to yield an abundance of milk, from which sometimes given to horses, mixed with oats. We should like to pursue this subject further on the lines mapped out by Babcock, but are compelled to desist lest we exceed our allotted limits of tini.e and We must not fail to mention the illustrations, many of which are meritorious, especially the plates depicting malignant disease of the lungs.

The cause of ergotism is a vegetable growth which becomes developed on cereal grains, more especially rye.