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2nd Scottish Borders Hill Rally

News and update page updated 27/11/2007

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APOLOGY is due to Matt Harrison

Matt was the winner in Class G. A bug in the results service IT system and the urgency of prize giving produced and allowed a wrong trophy listing to be used. This list omitted Matt Harrison and gave the 1st place to car 33
The correct results are

1st in class Matt Harrison and Mathew Sagar
2nd in class Edd Cobley and Robert Pugh
3rd in class Steve Lloyd and Ollie Lloyd

Please note that Carr 33 navigator should read Robert Pugh not Andy Jenner

RESULTS click the link to view results

Just for our own ego!! (Ian & Frances) our Zero car times would have made is 10th overall, and we were 6th fastest in SS11 the 17 mile stage.

DATES for 2008

Date for Borders Hill Rally 22nd 23rd November 2008

Date for Perthshire Hill Rally 11th 12th July 2008


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results and positions to date.