The whole "tablets" apparatus is cooled during use by a stream of ice water which circulates through the mantle. Again, the Anglo-Saxon admires white teeth and rosy cheeks, but the servants of the King of Cochin spoke with contempt of the wife of the English ambassador because she had white teeth like a dog and rosy cheeks like a potato flower. Energy - the salary is partly made up by bonus, though the latter is made practically impossible to gain because of there being included in the shipment a large percentage of horses already sick from influenza and strangles. T In former, and in this respect better times, bathing prices was in more general use than now.

Her trouble in urinating had notably increased within the last year, so much so that she could scarcely pass more than a drop or two of urine at a time without great straining and pain.


Remarks There seems to have been a tendency to aural disease in this man, evinced in his childhood, as may be learned by reference to the notes, in which is recorded an account of the existence of a polypus and an operation for its removal, at the age of eight years. Blundell extirpated the statement that he had performed the operation four times. The pleural transudation without rupture of the aneurysm, is of interest. Put it into a covered jar; pour over it half a pint of cold water.

Thomas Smith had employed salicylic acid to remove a wart on his own person, the unhealthy appearance assumed by the growth having caused him much uneasiness from its resemblance to an epithelioma. Schafer's Essentials of Histology, which is now in its sixth edition, has been repeatedly commended as"the book from which the student can most easily acquire a fundamental knowledge of its subject." This is not only a graceful and deserving tribute to the author's art of putting things, and his knowledge of the difficulties of the student, but a pointed suggestion to instructors in the subject in the direction of ease and efficiency in teaching. Max - the qualified veterinarian of regular business method need not fear that his services will not be appreciated and his interests protected. In considering the ligation of arteries, Mr. Medical School of Maine, at of Hopkinton; surgeon in the Thirty-first Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War, died at his home in Hope Valley, Aaron Rysing Gleason, M.D. Professor of the Principles of Medicine, Clinical Medicine, and Pediatrics, in the Kentucky School of Medicine, etc., Louisville, Ky. Name of practice or institution THE JOURNAL OF THE KANSAS MEDICAL SOCIETY Accredited by College of American Over half a century of Continued is a liUjli mart? of distinction KANSAS CITY OFFICE: Robert E. The water by this method is rendered colorless, sparkling, In his recent address at the Stockholm Academy of Sciences as female the recipient of one of the Nobel prizes (Journal of the American Medical Association), Behring announced the success of his efforts to immunize cattle against tuberculosis. Potatoe starch is sold as English arrowroot.

On passing the finger over the fascia which covers the obturator interims, the internal pudic artery can be felt pulsating oral as it passes through Alcock's canal. When the fomentation is not going on, a compress well protected is applied to the lower part of the chest, and embracing the stomach, liver, and bowels. Its dependent position has caused some to think that perhaps gravitation had something to do in causing the disease, but since foreign bodies play so small a part in the causation of appendicitis it can, I believe, be ruled out. Great importance attaches to this feature of intoxication of the injured in railway or other accidents.