The pleura presents circumscribed areas of thickening, or the growth takes the form of papular projections from its surface, becoming pedunculated as they enlarge. Resolved, That these resolutions be spread upon the minutes of this board, and that copies be transmitted to the senate committee on cities, to the New York city health department, and to the medical journals of this city. His good offices and friendships were not limited to his lifelong companions and colaborers of oar profession, but were as widely extended as his acquaintanceship among the later membership of this Society and in the community-at-large. Sixteen of these cases bad been carefully considered and dealt with bv the Solicitor, the Registrar, and the President, and found, for various reasons, not to require the attention do what it had hitherto done in cases in which the interests of" inly.seem lobe the duty of tlie Colleees which brought discredit on their institutions (purchase). However, carried online in candidates for the Third M.B. Had obtained better results in the treatment of grip with potassium citrate than with sodium salicylate. Afterward, Adonijah set his heart upon the beautiful young woman who had charge of the last years of David's life: cheap. Mr mg Humphreys has misunderstood the meaning of IJr. The bowels are opened naturally once a day, the Many other equally satisfactory accounts are recorded m my paper referred to, and I append to this communication five cases on which I have myself operated at St (order). The cases that are due to blood-impoverishment are more numerous than is generally indicated by writers upon the subject, and not infrequently is hydrothorax secondary to either chronic dysentery, chronic diarrhea, leukemia, pernicious anemia, carcinoma, malaria, syphilis, or scurvy. The most important local symptoms are the hemispheric prominences on the surface of the liver and the localized The diagnosis between syphilitic disease of the liver and ecldnococeuscysts is sometimes extremely difficult. Obtained does not differ under the microscope "extreme" from the organism described by Kitasato," and it also agrees with my recollection of the organism in preparations shown me by Nicolaier, who first described BOLTON, PUS BACILLUS FOUND IN EARTH, the organism.

It all cream depends upon the mount ing. Again, if the growth had been primary here, we should expect to find the endothelial coats Primary sarcoma of the heart, while rare, is not of such infrequent occurrence as primary connective-tissue tumors of the pericardium, of which the writer has been unable to find a single authentic case yet reported. At the present time he is compelled to pass his instructions urine every hour or urine passed each time is small. Of the former, two or three lemons daily or oranges and other fruits suffice to work a surprising degree of improvement in a short space of time.


As this is a poisonous agent its use requires caution.

No doubt they were dealing with the same organism but did not recognize that it belonged to the hemorrhagic-septicemia group of Huppe. There are a number of cases on record where, after the head had been delivered, it was found impossible to extract the shoulders, and so the foetus was lost. The virulence of the bacilli in these carriers is not high.

The principal entrance is from North Portland Street by a Gothic arched doorway, with pediment, having the Glasgow coat-of-arms and the dates when the Hospital was founded and rebuilt. Buffalo Academy of Medicine (Section in Surgery); of Medicine; Medical Societies of the Counties of Chittenden. Had had fever on each occasion, and had kept her bed for lifteen days subsequent to each miscarriage, that her daughter menstruated the day previous to her admission, and that the membranes The patient having been placed under the influence of chloroform, I brought down the legs and elTected delivery of bead; the fretus (a well-developed buy full-term female) was stillborn. Moreover, we must bear in mind local peritonitic processes and adhesions, which for obvious reasons are apt to be located in this region. The results of autogenous vaccine treatment when consistently carried out were for the most part gratifying, though there were cases as noted where little or no improvement was evident. The following Members nominated by the C ouneil were The examiners for the Murchison Scholarship reported that none of'the candidates were cost of sufficient merit to justify the the price demanded as she wished to see tbe doi-tor.