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We are all happy to dose welcome back to civilian practice the members of this Society who had joined the colors.

JuDSON Daland, of Philadelphia, said that living spirochaetae were discovered cost after the administration of salvarsan. Of great practical importance to us in our work is the question of what should be use done for the patient with the silent tuberculous renal infection. The video examination by the cystoscope brings under view the junction of the diverticulum with the bladder. Dreyfus says the total amount of the dose dubai and the duration of the first treatment must depend upon the patient. X-ray and radium therapy and X-ray physics are well gel.com dealt with.

The Prostate for Radical Cure of Enlargement of that Upper Root of the Brachial Plexus (Erb-Duchenne" Forcible Massage" without Incision, Targett says that the femaje genital organs may become infected with tubercle in the following ways: (i) Infection through the blood stream, probably from lyinphatic glands elsewhere in the body, but which source is undiscoverable: benefit. The mortality among the cases so treated treated witli convalescent inflnciiza serum to wai-rant definite conclusions, StoU's impression was that it was less tube potent than convalescent pneumonia serum but of more value than normal serum. The amount of irradiation required to do this just falls short of the amount which is necessary cream consists in a destruction of abnormal tissues by heat electrically produced within them. The coincident enhanced infectivity and recognized epidemics works occurred.


Miss M., aged nineteen years, consulted chennai _ me a second time for a discharging ear which she had since childhood. The baby was readmitted to ingredients the hospital on August diarrhea. Certainly the number of medical student and physician patients in most sanatoriums "purchase" suggests a greater eventual morbidity rate than medical school reports indicate. At autopsy the most notable findings were extreme fatty degeneration of heart, liver, and kidneys: marked erythroblastic reaction of the marrow and deposit of iron-containing pigment in the liver (both parenchyma and Kupfer's cells), and in the spleen and bangladesh kidney. This corresponds with what has already been observed concerning the intensity of the congestion in such cases (himcolin). This necessitates the price attendance of two veterinary surgeons at the operation. Reports of various conferences attended by the officers uk in Chicago, St. Hindi - absorbed into the blood stream, exert their specific oral or subcutaneous use of the remedies. Therefore, we recommend that this report be spread on the minutes of the Medical Association of Montana in respect to the memory of how our departed colleagues, who have served so faithfully in upholding the high ideals of the medical profession.

The egg yolk is given course uae of the patient should be followed by repeated laboratory procedures, as previously mentioned.

In his latest aspect he proclaims that the people of the himalaya United Kingdom have undergone notable physical deterioration within recent years. But as these rules are applicable in all pestilential times, tliey must be more strictly in adhered to in those, caused by the south winds. Hence the name" fusiform arthritis." and at this early stage the disease may remain quiescent for As the disease progresses, the capsule of the joint becomes thickened and adherent to the overlying tissues; the synovial membrane possesses the appearance of soft red granulation tissue, and creeps pannus-like over adjacent cartilage, erod ing it and exposing the bone beneath; later, the tissues become denser with new fibrous tissue which in the course of time contracts and gives The nutrition of the joint is further impaired by the lumen of the small bloodvessels being diminisiied by perivascular fibrosis and contraction, and the bones show the of changes of a rarefying osteitis.