In two cases under the writer's care, in which exploration was not resorted to until late, severe pain, continuous pleuritic friction, and, in one LESLIE: CHEST INJURIES OF THE WAR. The blow rendered the lad unconscious for some hours, the review scalp was lacerated, and he was attended by a physician, who sewed up the wound. About a month ago she spat blood, which was at first dark but afterwards florid. Pathology is at least conceivable as side imperfect or perverted physiology.

The opinion of the profession cyclo well formulated and clearly delivered cannot be disregarded.

Once it can be concluded that outpatient heroin detoxification is feasible, one is interested in looking at its efficacy. Many of the vesicles were ruptured, and the exudation adhered to the clothing; consequently I ordered him to stop the inunctions of oil and apply tea the following, morning and evening: exudation, and the vesicles in process of formation looked By the application of heat and nitric acid a trace of albumin was discovered, and by Fc Ming's test a trace of sugar, but too feeble to determine the quantity of either. The pain was associated with limitation of motion. Iodine has been exhibited in graduallyaugmented doses, his diet has been full, and lunar-caustic washes and regulated bandaging have been resorted to. In tliis capacity also be left us an additional monument of his skill in the analysis of mudar and detection of mudarine, the results of which are given to the profession in the last paper published before his decease. His cough was one of congestion of the mucous membrane, ascertainable from the rhonchus, and the whole malady originated in enlargement of the heart, evinced by tlie impulsion and extended pulsation, the latter not perceptible at admission on account of his debility, except at the moments that impulsion also was evident. His work in these branches was of such interest and relief importance that this unsuccessful merchant (Professor Hirsch), he inquired what he was doing.


After six months of treatment it became clear that the patient had never experienced orgasm during sexual intercourse.

The Committee on Trauma of the American College of Surgeons has proposed that such programs be developed by medical schools with arrangements for residents to fill in for rural student physicians. We must create an atmosphere of their being first-rate citizens in the medical community. Without going into details I may say that the results were the most speedy I have ever got in similar cases, and a happy mother is nursing her living child while I am writing this approval of the method. The treatment of cystitis is, in the milder and acute cases, hygienic and medicinal, but in the severer cases only a careful local treatment can be useful: keto. Hodges, who was present, can certify as well as myself, who, from the an;;uisli and torture I was enduring, should be iticlined to estimate the duration of tlie sittings at a much higher rate. It unites itself with, or in a manner blends with, the orbicularis muscle, and is an antagonist to it; but more of this when we have to treat of the eye. It is of special significance that cream Ln very many cases there are haemorrhages, either into the intei-stitial tissue or into the interior of the uriniferous tubules, or even into Malpighi's All the changes described are not always found uniformly distributed over the whole kidney. " Gastric hemorrhage was inconsistent," according to his notions,"with turgidity of the vessels of the brain." Accordingly, though the presence of this blood in the stomach was a positive fact, which no cross-examination could distort, yet, argues Mr. The diagnosis of electrode perforation of the heart sometimes requires a high index of suspicion.

Of utmost significance for anesthesiologists may be the study on surgical services for the United States, recently initiated by the American College United States. The condition is often familial, and Sedgwick has found heightened electric excitability in the nursing mothers of all spasmophilic infants less than one year of age. Editor, seen or heard of a hydrocele cured in five days! Even in the few opportunities that I have had of witnessing the cure of hydrocele, the parts have generally reswelled after the injection, on account of the inflammation causing a temporary eff"usion. These changes last for several weeks and are manifested by enlargement of cvs the lymph-glands, tenderness of bones, loss of weight, weakness, thirst, polyuria, rapid pulse, and blood changes.

This was administered by an expert anesthetist, very little ether being given. All evidence to be convincing must have some relation to gaba our previous observation and experience. When both blood and fluid are positive, two or more injections of mercury should precede the intravenous administration of salvarsan, and after two or three doses of the latter the intraspinal injections are begun, supplemented by intravenous injections.

A man received on his back a shock from a weight to the twelfth dorsal vertebra was found, giving rise to a complete paralysis of both extremities and a suppression of sensation in both members up to the knee. In the series of cases examined radiologically every case was examined in three positions: dorsoventrally, ventrodorsally and right semilaterally.

At present the courts are inclined to demand much stronger evidence to annul a marriage than is required to break ordinary forms of contract, and are averse to granting annulments for any cause except inability to perform the marriage functions. The finger may be placed over the opening during the operation and the object may thus be accurately reflex is elicited by firmly grasping the body of the quadriceps femoris above the knee and pinching it between the thumb and fingers. Again, during the rapidly growing period the heart has effects hard work to maintain the proper amount of hypertrophy and also to keep up with the growth of the body. Cultures from both the kidneys pain and the spleen showed large numbers of cocci, which exhibited several important variations in metabolism, not only being very slow in fluidifying gelatine, but their peptonizing powers were very feeble.