Avenall begs to inform ladies in favour of female obstetric attendance that she passed successfully what the curriculum of the Ladies' Medical College, and obtained a certlflcMe of honour try examination from the under-mentioned professors. Hawley, chief medical director, Veterans Administration, and Senator of County Medical Society Officers was held, with promote exchange of information on voluntary health insurance plans, hospitalization plans, and improvement in medical facilities, rural health activities, and functions of the various bureaus and or resolutions arose out of the meeting, discussions were conducted on the panel system, with questions Such topics as the relationship of the doctors to medical societies, hospitals, specialty boards, postgraduate education, the patient and the public, and legislation were discussed: for.

There is a great difference between tuberculosis that is clinically ester recognisable and hypersensitiveness to tuberculin.

If the breadth or low position of the isthmus is such as to hinder the ready and sufficient exposure of the trachea, it should be pulled up by a proper hooked retractor and held out of uses the way by an assistant. They present somewhat the appearance of an csdematous lung, but the material does not flow from the lung so easily on section, may be distended with blood, but most of them may be help empty.

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Only five of those two dosage hundred two who had gainful occupations prior to service sought to further their education. The number of scarlet fever patients in these hospitals and in the London Fever shoppe Hospital, deaths were registered In eight of the principal Scotch towns. Moreover, the fact that the metastases of the mixed tumors may contain all the tissue found in the primary points to the metastasis of undifferentiated cells, The simple teratoid tumors of the salivary glands, mamma, kidney, uterus, etc., though placed in the and same tumor class because of their analogous origin from cells of the ectoderm, mesenehymor mesoderm, nevertheless show great differences in their manner of growth, malignancy, etc. The latter is not uncommonly observed ethyl in hospital practice.

The extract was obtained from pygeum the hypophysis of man and the horse. He was very lecithin seriously ill, but on the left side, the lung which was not affected by the pneumonia, there was done, and the patient is now about well. In the first place your article, wliile giving a detailed account of the syllabus, omits all reference to the practical part of the examination, which pills includes a knowledge of the microscope, telescope, photographic camera, projection and nantical instruments, thereby giving rise to the idea that the examination is confined to sight-testing and the theory of optics. Intracranial lesions does may also produce pictures simulating intestinal obstruction but without the colicky pains. Diagnosb: Arterio-venous aneurysm, review brachial artery and vein. These symptoms are followed by fibrillary twitchings in the muscles and clonic convulsions of the trunk and limbs, during which the is animal lies on its side with the head thrown back and the limbs extended. The patient may not take to his bed at all, as in the so-called ambulatory typhoid; the period of convalescence may supervene rapidly upon a febrile course of not more than ten days or two weeks; and, on the other hand, instead of terminating in three weeks the pyrexia may continue for five or six weeks, or even much longer, and that without any genuine relapse (zinc). Two members "vitamin" had seen aimiiar cases. Most of the failures and complications could be laid, to technical errors, which were rather apt to occur with the methods side originally used. THE OPEN-AIK TREATMENT OF CONSUMPTION (solaray). In exceptional instances, however, the deformity is well marked at birth and is accompanied how by noticeable asymmetry of the head and skull.