A what renal calculus may be a small, round, smooth body, or a large rough branched mass filling all the pelvis and calyces.

The brush will easily remove all the dirt tliat usually gathers, and if the heels must be washed, the groom is not generally so over-burdened with work to prevent him spending a few extra moments drying "arteries" and hand-rubbing these parts, as the water left there is one sure method of bringing on grease. The orthodox view, however, was that the intestinal peptones in iibsorption were dehydrated by the intestinal epithelium into the blood-plasma proteins (and). On does the other hand, it is known that injection of very large quantities of suprarenal extract, equal to several times the weight of the suprarenal bodies, produces death. A similar phagocytic action may be taken on by the endothelial cells lining the sinuses, which in places may show similar degenerative changes to those seen in the areas review of focal necroses. Uk - ignoring the facts and principles of wholesome life, has created an enormous army of delinquents and dependents which is yearly increasing. The or embryo of the pulmonary strongyle is said to be destroyed in a few days by water or damp soil, its longevity being favored by dryness. This fact 700 has been recognized by the serum makers, and as a result we have the multivalent serum, a little of this, that and the other.


These embryos enter the intestinal mucous, develop, give rise aakg to the formation of cysts which finally open in the intestines where the parasites become perfect cylocostomas.

It is noteworthy that though in certain respects there is a superficial resemblance to cases of tobacco amblyopia, and though the disease occurs in persons who probably smoke, and may perhaps smoke to excess, yet cessation or continuance of use of tobacco has no influence on the progress of the REPORTS OF THE "l-arginine" MEDICAL SOCIETIES. The external inguinal glands and often the internal and sublumbar are swollen, congested and the seat of active cell in hyperplasia. In pure gout, colchicum generally does good; in pure rheumatism, hardly ever." All these are points of interest, and to be remembered, but none of them of any primary importance in making a differential diagnosis in an acute attack of either disease, except the uric acid test, which can we are not told how to apply, and which is not so readily available as certain symptoms perceptible at a glance, such as the great amount of constitutional disturbance in proportion to the local affection, and the copious perspiration with its usual acrid odour, both of which are so diagnostic of rheumatism as to render it unnecessary to ascertain the absence of uric acid from the serum of the blood, while their absence, though not so certainly ciiaracteristic of gout, yet leads us at once to look for other symptoms of that disease, among which the presence of uric acid in the blood is the most distinctive. It may be owing to people retaining a stimulating and highly animalized diet in where a semi-tropical climate.

Of Animal Industry" plainly showed the phenomenal strides The members of the Lexington Board of Commerce called more important stock farms was made, including a visit to"Man 100 of War." Lantern slides were shown after dinner at were arranged as a burlesque on various members of the association and all enjoyed the cartoons drawn by Dr. The curious feature about the iodic buy cedema is that it may come on after the administration of a few small doses. It will be convenient at this point to contrast in tabular form the positions of the buboes in rats infected by feeding, by fleas, and as found in nature, and we shall find remarkable support in this way for the theory that the rats found dead during an epizootic have contracted mg plague by being bitten by infected fleas. Much judgment and circumspection is necessary at all times in crossing the breed, and many errors and faults arise from the carelessness or ignorance of breeders in tnis respect, whose only ambition is to procure a colt that they may shortly sell at seventy or eighty guineas; and, failing in this, without any thought they still return to the same system, never giving a moment's reflection or forethought as to the cause of their first disappointment (better). Second, develop the simplest practicable tablets method for dealing with the various types.

This perhaps is due to the gradual establishment of compensation for during the progress of the disease. To get a more creamy lotion one can dissolve several ounces of ammonium Formalin, used so extensively in tympanites, can also have red coloring plus matter and benzaldehyde added. When the "to" inflammation and lameness is very great, bleeding from the subcutaneous vein, and gently physicing, has been found necessary.

The beneficial effect is only obtained in cases of sarcoma, and not as yet in carcinomata, where, is indeed, the effect of the toxins is for a time markedly inhibitory, but a recurrence.