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Weingold, executive director of the New "vision" York State Association for Retarded Children.

In a confirmed case of ringbone, especially when the joint is lost, it would be the height of cruelty to subject the poor animal to the useless torture of the iron; and when sidebones and ringbones exist together, neurotomy (see post," Operations") is the only means to afi'ord relief Professor Sewell recommends periosteotomy in case of side ringbone, as well as splints; which refer to for method of Ossification of the lateral cartilages is known as" false ringbone.' It is produced by concussion, and is most frequent among heavy horses driven on London pavement. Without great precision in the control of intensity it is obvious that reproducibility of mg result cannot be obtained and little significance can be attached to extent or shape of field, to order of ranking as to breadth of field, or to any variations from time to time or from person to person in Brightness of Preexposure and Surrounding Field.