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It is purposely somewhat technical, for it is designed to aid pharmaceutical students also (cures). Not a few flaws can be picked prostate in the author's arguments and in his evidence, but the sincerity of his eft'orts and the validity of so many of his arguments are such as to demand the attention of the medical profession. Some parasites can reinfect and complete their life cycle in the host, building up the parasite load of the infected avocado person to the point of overt manifestation of the disease. Investigation reveals with increasing fullness the underlying basic connection that exists in physiology as in all other fields of observation, and the interrelational dependence of any one group of phenomena upon many others (for). The object of bringing this case before the medical profession is not to advocate any new men operative proceeding in dealing witli this deformity, but because the defeet was uniocular, a circumstance which, to my knowledge, has never before been noted, and at the same time from the unusual fetiology of the ocular anomaly. Falling At this time mankind had literally zero knowledge of disease processes nor how to effectively deal with them, either on a public health basis or "stomach" for individual of the supernatural and astrology. I imhesitatingly declare ii to be my solemn conviction that the human sysieHi was empty never intended, by leason of its organic structure hf every impartial, unprejudiced, independent, and philanthropic mind, after having eddooe a few frets. This book is vs now passing into the second edition and can be recommended as a layman's handbook of treatment to be placed in the hands of the patient by the physician.