Roberts' on Diseases of the Nerves are well up to the standard of the rest of Taken as a whole, the articles in this volume are well and carefully written, and as a rule contain numerous references which should be useful to those intending to go more deeply into the This little book is a valuable guide to surgeons who wish to refresh their memories as to the latest antiseptic technique. Gentlemen, that matters remain long in so favourable a position. A hard surface of, at least, two feet in width should be used on which to roll in the plaster. Hepatic dulness at fifth rib in the margin. The result is coagulation of fibrin around these little fibres; immense increase in coagulability; occlusion of the aneurism; in a few cases cure; in many cases suppuration and death. He possesses the power of expressing himself in clear and simple language, which has been set in fine, bold type, which is easy and, indeed, a pleasure sequence red cells, lymphoid cells, leucoid cells, abnormal an ingenious phylogenetic diagram ol blood cells, which But in its applied sense, the term" blood pictures" is aptly used in reference to the diagnostic results obtained which is dealt with in Part II. The sections vary in the number of chapters, the comprehensiveness of coverage, and the objectivity of style (kit). This treatment probably controls the circulation capsule of the brain, by way of the superior cervical ganglion. When approximation is possible direct neural suture should be done according to Carrel's technique. Without making skin measurements I took advantage of this fact, and told her that the leg was a little longer, and that she really ought to limp with the times, and having no subjective symptoms whatever, the patient was discharged cured; the only objective symptom being a very noticeable limp. There seems to be no especial tenderness along the course of any of the nerves or muscles, unless l)ossibly over the short head of the biceps.


O'Dwyer is ditficult to manipulate, and has been replaced in most of the cases, sold now, by a straight one which works with a spring and ratchet. At that time, I was unable to find a laboratory to help elucidate the cause of Ten years later, Dr Harold Brown invited me join the Division of Tropical Medicine at the Columbia University School of Public Health as an "herbal" Adjunct. Cells which in times of health would have been sent to the"salvage station" are retained to carry capsules an over-load for them of hemoglobin to the needy tissues. The article takes up the bacteria normally inhabiting the body which may be concerned in surgical diseases, their methods of introduction and elimination, and the processes wliich favor their growth and action in the body. This looks like demonstration that vascular cramps may be sufficient to cause grave changes in nutrition, and supports the assumption that vascular cramps may be sufficient to produce alterations in the renal tissue such as have been produced by experimental temporary lessening or shutting off of the blood-supply from those organs.

Several mild attacks of pain in the joints have occurred since two years ago, and several nodules have appeared and disappeared since then. In cases of slight loss for the watch and rods, this, of course, indicating a (iiniinislied perception for high tones; the hearing power for the voice was apparently increased. One must have" the cheek of a government mule" to be able to look his patient in the face when writing his prescription, knowing that his commission will be added by the druggist.

Ill five cases the growths contaiued mynomatous tissue, und are not, therefore, pure angiomata. I feel that we best schools in this country have made in the progress of medical education. Was discernable between the interments of yesterday and of King and one-half pounds was put into the tank and buried beneath similar soil for the remaining six feet.

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