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Morphine should be given in liberal quantities to relieve pain and apprehension. This method of treatment I believe has been used in some number of "online" cases with some success. While it has been established that the osmotic pressure of plasma and the concentration of serum albumin are greatly reduced in patients with nephrosis, there is considerable evidence to indicate that retention of salt and water also plays a role in the generalized edema of nephrosis.

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The cum patient could bring his legs and feet together, but if he advanced the left foot in front of the right, he was in imminent danger of falling to the right. It gives us great pleasure to observe these attempts to improve surgical implements and appliances.

As soon as the animal is restored to health the tail regains its natural condition, and we hope that the"Young America" of to-day will discard these erroneous ideas, get out of these old ruts that our ancestors have wallowed in for so many generations, and post themselves before they make an assertion or go to dosing a poor dumb animal for some imaginary disease. There was no fixation to the surrounding structures, and no tenderness or regional glandular disease.