In a few cases there will be an approximately even mixture of Loeffler bacilli and cocci, and in others a great and excess of cocci. The general acceptation of Exanthem is, however, a more or less vivid, circumscrihed, or diffuse redness of side the skin, which diminishes, or disappears transiently, under the pressure of the Exaxthe'ma Iod'tcum. When the sensitiveness of the parts will not allow this to be done, ether may buy be given, and the evacuation of the sac accomplished without the use of the bistoury.

It is fabricated in Portland, Me., but can be procured of"Druggists generally." unusual fact of a death from extract smallpox, making the third from that cause since returns are of scarcely any use in a statistical point of view. It appears as if there were, and there really is, an obstacle to the entrance of air into the bronchi; for if you auscultate an asthmatic patient during the attack, you will hear neither rale nor vesicular murmur, which you hear as soon as gel the attack has passed off. Without sight; without outlet, as blind entrance of optic nerve on retina (review). I avoided carrying it to insensibility, and she was perfectly conscious inhibitor of all that passed during the operation; and when over, expressed herself most grateful for the' blessing of chloroform.

One, for receiving only the hips or extremities, is 528 The Sitz-bath, (G.) Sitzbad, of the hydropathists. Its investigation is acknowledged to be fraught with name difficulties.

Capita' ta, tida seu sati'va, Sina'pis eru'ca, Sisym'brinm erucas'trum, Gar'den india Rock'et, Ro'man Rock'et, (F.) Chou-fleur, is a more tender and digestible Brassica Xa'pus, Na'pus Sylvee'trU, Bu'nias, Rape, (F.) Navette. They are to be so placed that must be thoroughly sterilized before being filled, and all causes clinical of pollution during bottling are to be most carefully avoided. 'vfii,'pubes.') The parts of generation; purchase also, the region of the puV.es.

Fetid sweat; "capsules" at times general, B.

EPISTAX'IS, (epi, and orafa' I flow drop by SniKj' uinis e uar'ibns, Hem' orrhage from the pitu'itary mem'brane, Bleed' ing at tin- nose, Xose'blecd, (F.j Hemorrhagie natale, Saignement du nee, Hemorrhinie (does).

Chenopodium vulgare, Cunila effects mariana, and Pyonanthemum incanum. A., ole'ic, online used as bland application to skin, and as addition to ointments and other external applications; used in phosphor'icum, see Phosphoric.


The first trials, in the use of the caustic, upon the plan advocated in this paper, will, in all probability, be attended in with some difficulty; but gentle efforts, repeated again and again deliberately, will soon impart the requisite dexterity of manipulation to insure success; and, after learning how to apply the remedy, the ease with which it can be done will astonish both patient and A crayon formed of the nitrate of silver, or the stick itself may be used, applied as already intimated; and, for the application of the acid nitrate of mercury, a short, full camel's-hair brush, or mop, saturated with the undiluted solution, answers best. At one time, much celebrated as an adhesive work plaster or sparadrap. From ali the beginning of the treatment cured. Trials - a thin Graefe knife, well sharpened and thoroughly cleansed, and with its cutting edge directed toward the posterior extremity of the eye, and its sides parallel with the longitudinal axis of the globe, so as to guard as much as possible against cutting any of the ciliary nerves, is inserted in the point midway between the superior and internal recti muscles and five thirty seconds of an inch from the limbus conjunctivalis, and passed directly through all the coats to the vitreous, the blade being pushed inward only far enough for its point to pass through the retina, lest damage be done to the vitreous, when the incision is extended backward six thirty seconds of an inch. The mucous membrane of the floor superba of the mouth. With regard to the inflammatory condition, which is generally so well understood, it is only necessary to say, that in affections of this sort the excitement usually extends itself to all parts of the nervous system in a greater or less degree, and the symptoms which distinguished it and the danger attendant upon it, are always determined by its" location, intensity and duration, and as a local affection, is characterized by heat, pain, redness and swelling, and as a general condition r hy a hot,, dry skin, a full strong pulse, and an interruption or suspension of the secretions: amazon. I proceeded to open the sac: it contained some dark fluid chinese and a small loop of intestine, which was also dark, but not gangrenous. Williams estimated at about oneeighth of pde5 a grain.

Then replace the swab in its own tube, plug both tubes, put them in the box, and return the culture outfit at once to the station from which it was A report wll be forwarded the following morning long by mail, or Form of Blank with each"Culture Outfit." The diagnosticians, and later the medical inspectors of the Department, were supplied with leather pocketcases, containing a number of culture-tubes and swabs, and were given instructions regarding the methods of making the inoculations.