Hull, retiring secretary of the Council on Scientific Assembly; Reaffirmed the"Suggested Guides to Relations Between 1000 Medical Societies and Voluntary Health American Medical Education Foundation.

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We can relieve the mother of a great deal of the drudgery of nursing and benefit the baby, by advising one or two feedings a day of some artificial food, preferably one having cow's milk as a basia By showing the mother this consideration she will be more willing to nurse her baby; we will hear less complaint about her health or that she is unable to properly nurse her child, or that her milk supply is not sufficient to supply the little one, or that the milk is too rich or too poor, or a half a dozen other objections: buy.

Fifteen hundred people were killed and several hundred burned; about two hundred of spray the worst cases were brought to the hospital in Manila several days later. This boasted medical science africa cannot stand five minutes of sunshine from the actual facts of reason.

It is a well known and authenticated fact that persons who continually sleep in a room lighted by pakistan a kerosene lamp, after awhile have a bronchial trouble and go into a decline. Among the free bulletins are the following:"Good Water for Farm Homes;""Prevention of Malaria;""The Prevention 100 of Pellagra;""Tuberculosis, Its Predisposing Causes;""Hay Fever and Its Prevention;""Infantile Right Living;""What the Farmer Can Do to Prevent Malaria;""The Care of the Baby." Physicians to Lecture to Soldiers Stationed at that they will be able to cope with infection, and prevent the spread of diseases which are most common to concentration camps, will be undertaken by several of the physicians of Fort Worth and Dallas with regard to Camp Bowie. The CowiopdUUin, a beautifully illustrated first class literary manizine for are offered to paid-up subscribers of the Albany Medical Annals for The PoxiUry Monthly, Albany, N (in).

The mechanism of the murmur, like its physical characters, is thus virtually the same, as desensitizing that of mitral obstruction. The writer believed that the south exposure of the peritoneum should be the subject of a more critical study, and that this should be supplemented by extended experiments on the later effects, especially in their relation to peritonitis and adhesions. Appalachian Hall is located in Asheville, North Carolina, a resort town in the beautiful Smoky "usa" Mountain Range, an ideal location for rehabilitation. Aorta, (b) Give the branches dubai of the arch of the aorta.