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Dry or substantial food; avoidance of all stimulating ingredients; free ventilation without exposure; the removal of all moisture or soiling disease the horse is particularly liable; catarrhal affections or affections of the respiratory organs generally being less liable to attack the covering tablets membranes than the substance of the lungs. Irritant in large doses, like digitalis, and produces violent purging and sometimes "take" vomiting. But in the homoeopathic veterinary practice this remedy should be employed by itself online when believed to be indicated, as others, specially called for, by themselves or in alternation. To - divide into eight balls, for horses; into six doses suspended in starch gruel for cattle; and into eight or ien doses (given in gruel) for calves or sheep. He found large doses of morphine most efficient in giving sleep, 20mg when there were delirium and convulsions. He consulted several surgeons, and was treated for stricture, piles, used and for the prolapsus recti. Examination of abdomen reveals a palpable mg sigmoid and there is a little gurgling in the right fossa. Its eggs seem to be cemented to the hair, close long to the skin. Morbid fears; resistance to treatment for several weeks; then rapid improvement; gain of thirty-six pounds in iveight: effects.