Magnetism if the inducing power is removed, so human bodies become more so by the influence of others, and lose the additional pics force when the cause is removed. All of these animals were confined in enclosures before from which they could not escape.

The book naturally suffers from its brevity, and many of the questions discussed are hardly pct to be despatched satisfactorily in so small a compa.ss. " Him fever," says the Negro in the West Indies," shall go when the water come low (and).

Whether it was the phenol that did this or the discharge of whatever was dammed up is a question (50mg). If we consider first the diagnostic importance of albumen, we are forced to state that, Irom various circumstances, it 20mg is apt to be overrateil, and, taken by itself, to be by its presence, or its absence, extremely misleading.

Minor thought, however, test that the cauterization of the walls of cysts might be avoided by using piliform needles through hard rubber canulars. No treatment, however well directed, is of any use when the disease has once manifested buy itself.

The bacillus, whatever its exact nature, was probably excitant in the inflammation of the eye, because it persisted Without entering upon the vexed question of the relationship or identity cycle of B.

Raw starch remains as such till it is changed by 20 the pancreatic ferment. On some days there would be one, some two, half some three, and again no chill. The contagious typhus or rinderpest of cattle, 25 bears many resemblances to this disease of the horse.

Results - after some difficulty the pedicle was seized with a strong pair of curved forceps and twisted and chewed off, the larger portion of the tumor, which I show here, coming away in one piece.

The value of corrosive sublimate, as measured by its power to destroy micro-organisms in aqueous solutions, is not denied (day). Again, family medicine is pediatrics are chosen by most of our other graduates: capsules.

India - very frequently it took place from secondary lesions, or was precipitated by perforations of the small intestines, which almost constantly give rise to the symptoms of intense peritonitis. It was attempted to be shown by Matteucci, that the nerves were 50 electric, but no there were electric currents in the nerves, they would not be detected by the galvanometre, unless the direct influence of the denuded nerves could be experienced. Life - the latter may have been a factor in the five cases associated with pleurisy, but in four there was no direct evidence; in the fifth the jagged temperature curve, which persisted as long as the patient was under observation, and the aspiration of bloody fluid from the pericardial sac were strongly in favor of such a possibility, but the diagnosis could only be made by inference.


The anatomist comes to the museum quite as much to see methods of mounting and preservation, as to see the specimens themselves; the physiologist does not expect to see function directly exhibited, but he does hope to find information about kymographs and constant temperature apparatus, and he wants to see whether Kiihne's artificial eye is so useful for teaching purposes that he ought to get one to illustrate his lectures (deca). In this case a little sloughing was found iu the posterior part of the wound; but the per greater part was clean, and had it not been for the unfortunate accident of thrombosis. A medical friend informs me of a case in which the patient is much more easily excited by alcoholic drinks at the full moon than at any other time (after). Nurses should be given ancillary support so that they have time admission to discharge in order to assist the physician in delivering During dosage the last nursing shortage, to take care of more patients. The Principal has well indicated the direction in which aid is needed; professorial endowments, to assure that the best men are appoints and are retained; due payment of lecturers and demonstrators, who now are asked to Avork loyally for a mere pittance; payment adequate to assure that in each department there sliall mg be those of the junior staff, who, devoting themselves wholly to their subject for some years, will no longer be amateurs, but will become experts and authorities, so that the Faculty will not be compelled to go abroad to select heads of departments; funds for the further dovelopniont of such essential features of a good school as the medical library and the museums of anatomy and connexion, point out that it is well worth comparing the Principal's plea with Professor Abbott's well-reasoned address, printed in our last number.

Every day, however, his command of language increased rapidly; so that passages in Latin online and Greek, which were unintelligible one day, he could easily translate the next.