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Visscher, President of the National Society A psychiatric emergency represents a crisis in the 40 process of living during which the person is no longer able to cope and consequently has to depend on others for decision making and care.


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If any of our readers do not wish to accept the judgment of any man in this matter, let him ask himself and likewise answer the following question:"What special virtue is to be found in Albbott, his company, his journal, or his manufactured products, that can not be as well, or better, obtained elsewhere?" Several of these features have already received our comment, but what about his products and"active principles?" Alkaloids., as pure as he can manufacture, are by no means rare or unique as remedial agents, and, furthermore, investigation by expert chemists has shown that many of his products are neither"alkaloids" nor"active principles," while not a few of them are typical nostrums (and). An applicant for membership in a component velvet county medical society who has been excluded from membership in such society may likewise appeal from the action of said society.