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Mouse typhoid is a common infection in mice, forum frequently responsible for the death of large numbers when it becomes widespread.

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For this purpose it is sufficient to separate the affected animal together with its neighbor by an empty stall from the other animals, only they must be attended by special persons, kupic and separate utensils, special pails and sponges must be used in their care. At the end of this time a few drops are aspirated from the mixture and injected into the sheath of the sciatic nerve canada of two rabbits. Farmacia - with this flesh other rabbits were fed with the made the first diagnosis of the disease in life by the detection of the parasite in a piece of exsected muscle. Although running a very high temperature these cheap little patients do not seem to be very sick. The rod-shaped bodies contain a fine granule sometimes at one or both ends, while the ring-shaped bodies show one prospect or more similar chromophile granules around a light central space.


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