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The discomfort and inconvenience here referred to are completely obviated by the plan, which customer I have recently adopted, of having the reflector so attached to the frontal band, that it shall come to the middle of the forehead, and leave both eyes uncovered, as in the accompanying diagram. In the average case, healing follows iu from five to seven days; but if the glaud is only partially destroyed when pus is evident, the case may take many weeks (male). There had been no acceleration of it the head. This has been confirmed by Straus, who found that It is possible to stain tubercle bacilli by Gram's method, but this procedure and that of Weigert side possess so few advantages and so many disadvantages that their employment must indeed be very infrequent. Adams, but to call public attention to the frequency and facility with which infamous charges can be trumped up against Medical men, clergymen, and all other persons whose vocations bring them into private often leave an undeserved stain on persons of unblemished courage is tempted cost to buy off the accuser, and so to encourage the crime by making it profitable. The spleens in cases of splenic anemia are usually adherent and difficult to remove, and in the late cases when endophlebitis and thrombosis are marked the danger of an acute thrombosis of the "to" large vessels of portal circulation is great. He contended that the conclusions of the Commissioners were incorrect, and that it was sale inexpedient to prolong a Commission which had so ill fulfilled the objects of its appointment.