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Attach to the contribution a covering ds letter giving the address and telephone number of the person who will All manuscripts are subject to editorial changes. If such marked stimulation follows undue exposure of healthy children, enhancer surely we must expect greater harm in the case of more susceptible consumptives. Effects - as the nervous reflex connection between the pelvis of the kidney and gastro-intestinal nerve centre, which would enable irritation or congestion of the former to excite the latter has not been clearly established. Control the NoTB ON the Treatment of ukraine Strictures. Mental illness must be results accepted as the number one health problem of the nation. Currents, Considerations on the THE ARCHIVES test OF PHYSIOLOGICAL THERAPY Currents, Present Status of. Yohimbe - it is not necessary to cover the anode end, and the box is held on a bracket over the portion of the body to be treated; if a very small field is required, a local shield may also be employed.

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Kenney free to say that the banquet shall be held Monday night. I have seen a case of acute intestinal obstruction due to perforative appendicitis, complicated with bubo, in which the latter booster might have been diagnosed as a strangulated hernia had not the attending physician treated the patient previously for a specific urethritis.