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On the following day he had a sharp rigor, fol lowed by fever, pain in the side, the rapid development of chest symptoms, and the supervention of a typhoid pneumonia, which proved fatal in three days, the patient dying on the evening of The next case is given as an illustration of the general history.and treatment of chronic abscess, and it can certainly be predicated of it, as of most cases of its kind, that early recognition of the importance of a prompt division of the perineal abscess and restoration of the urethra to its normal size would have restored the patient to health and comfort years ago, and saved him long months of suffering: female.

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The abuse of dispensary relief is another grievance we have to solaray suffer from, but it is too wide a subject to enter on here. Experiments made at the asphyxial ) From the above it would appear that the conclusion is justified that the percentage of chloroform in the blood does not undergo any variation corresponding to differences in the volume of the circulating blood, and this is what was to have been expected if the red corpuscles were the essential agents for the transport of chloroform: maximum.

It might "testimonials" be urged that the obstruction to the breathing was due to a spasmodic closure of the vocal cords, but the gradual progression of the symptoms was favorable to the view that the oedema was the chief cause.